Genesis & SkyStars Featured Posts / Pages

This widget will only appear on homepage.

Add 3 widgets under “Featured Items” widget, you can have all 3 items of featured posts, all 3 items of  featured pages, all 3 items of  SkyandStars : Featured Item or mixed it like this :

Explanation of each Widgets

SkyandStars : Featured Item

If you want to have control which item to display. use this custom made widget by SkyandStars. Add SkyandStars – Featured Item to your “Featured Items – Under Header” area and fill the fields manually. You have to upload your image to your media library or use existing image from your library and copy the URL :


Genesis Featured Post & Featured Page

If you want Genesis Framework to automatically grab the images and link to each post or page, use these 2 widgets.

  • Genesis – Featured Page : Which page you want to display in your homepage, You must have created the page first and use upload featured image to the page. You can select which page to appear.
  • Genesis – Featured Post : You can display your latest blog post or specific post from all categories or specific category. Same like featured page, you must upload featured image to the post so Genesis can automatically grab the image and display it here.


Follow this setting for genesis-featured page widget (see the red box) :


Follow this setting for genesis-featured post widget (see the red box) :



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