How to access the Design Library

If you purchase a Kadence theme from me, after installing it you will have access to the Design library. You will receive your theme library and also access to the Free Library. I will update the design in the free library section once in a while (usually when there’s a new release of a theme, I will put some design blocks from another theme in the free library section).

How to access it?

You can access the design library using Post or Page. Click “Design Library” and you will see “SkyandStars” tab. Click that tab to access my design library.

To add the design to your page/post, just click the image thumbnail and it will be added to your post/page. Feel free to modify the color and font according to your need.

You can also access the Kadence library from other tabs too (not just from my design).

How to update the library?

Usually, the library will refresh automatically once in a month. But if you want to update it manually, just click the refresh icon on the top right (See image above).

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