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Before you add menu or navigation to your blog, make sure you have created the Pages you needed (click here if you need tutorial to create a page).

If you want to have categories page in your menu, make sure you already created the categories too (click here for tutorial creating new category).

Explanation from image above :

  1. Create your menu, if you haven’t created one before.
  2. Give a name for your menu (example: Main menu).
  3. This is your available pages, a place to add custom links (a link to your shop, to another website, etc), and you can also add a categories link to your menu.
  4. The menu items you’ve added will appear here. To create a drop-down menu, just drag the sub-menus under the parent menu.
  5. If this menu is your main menu, set the location to “Header Menu”.
  6. Save your menu

If you want to put a menu under the logo, create another menu and checked “secondary navigation”.

Animation to create drop down menu

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