Front Page (Blossom)

*To arrange your front page content, you need to activate all required plugins first.

Go to Appearance > Widget to rearrange your website front page widgets.



Front Page 1 – Slider Widget

Requirements :

  • Install and activate Genesis – Responsive Slider plugin
  • Landscape photo with the minimum width : 1100px and minimum height : 550px.

Slider Setting :

Go to the plugin setting : Genesis > Slider Setting. Click “Reset Setting” if you already use it before (it will remove your last saved setting from previous template). And follow this setting (scroll down for more theme setting):

Display Settings
Maximum Slider Width (in pixels): = 1100
Maximum Slider Height (in pixels): 550
Display Next / Previous Arrows in Slider?= NO (unchecked)
Display Pagination in Slider? = YES (checked)

Content Settings
Display Post/Page Title in Slider? = YES (checked)
Display Content in Slider? = YES (checked)
Hide Title & Content on Mobile Devices = YES (checked)
Select one of the following: = Display post content
More Text (if applicable): = Read More
Limit content to = 150 characters
Slider Excerpt Width (in percentage): = 50
Excerpt Location (vertical): = Bottom
Excerpt Location (horizontal): = Right


Add/Activate Widget :

Go to Appearance > Widget. Find “Genesis Responsive Slider” widget and add it to “Slider Widget” panel.


Front Page 2 – Subscription

Requirements :

  1. Install Genesis eNews Extended plugin first. Genesis eNews widget works with Feedburner, MailChimp, Aweber, FeedBlitz and Constant Contact, but it should work with almost all services. For this example, I am using
  2. Open a new tab (don’t close your WordPress admin tab). Create your mailchimp account. Go to Audience. A new page will appear, select Manage audience > Sign up forms.
  3. Choose “Embedded forms” and click select.
  4. Choose “Unstyled” option.
  5. Still in that page, scroll down a little bit and you will see a script box. Find your form action (see the yellow highlighted codes). Copy the form action URL, do not include the apostrophes. See image bellow :

Add the Widget :

Go back to your WordPress admin tab. On your Genesis eNews widget, look for “Form Action“. Paste the code you copied to form action input field.

In the email field, put “EMAIL”, in First name field, put “FNAME” (all capitalized)

Save the form

Please read the installation tutorial for each service at the official plugin website. click here.


Front Page 3 – Latest Blog Post

Go to Appearance > Widget.

Add Genesis Featured Posts to “Front page 3” panel.

Follow the setting bellow, see the highlighted part :


Front Page 4 – Shop The Look /Full-Width Widget

This widget is optional. If you don’t have affiliate links you can skip this widget. Or you can change it into your Instagram feed. To add shop the look widget, you need to get the copy from your affiliate company and paste the code to WordPress widget.

To add Shop the Look Widget.  Go to Appearance > Widget.

Add Custom HTML widget, paste your code :

Front Page 5 – Featured Posts

Display only 3 items.

Go to Appearance > Widget. Add Genesis Featured Posts to “Front page 5” panel. Follow the setting bellow, follow the highlighted part :


Latest BLOG area + Sidebar

Change the setting to display excerpt only.

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize.
  2. Under “Theme Setting” tab, click ” Content Archives
  3. Choose “Entry Excerpts“, checked “Display featured image” (Your post need to have at least 1 photo to be the featured image)
  4. Select “autoreadmore” from the Featured image size list.
  5. Select “Left” for the alignment.

Instagram Feed – Footer Area

To add Instagram Feed, click here.