Genesis – Subscription Widget

  1. You must install Genesis eNews Extended plugin first. Genesis eNews widget works with Feedburner, MailChimp, Aweber, FeedBlitz and Constant Contact, but it should work with almost all services. For this example, I am using (you can register your site here using your google account).After you sign up, go to the feed management and select Optimize tab.
  2. Activate these 2 items : Browser Friendly and SmartFeed.
  3. Go to Publicize tab, activate Email Subscription and PingShot is activated too, other items are optional (feel free to browse and activate each options yourself).
  4. Go back to your WordPress Admin page, activated eNews plugin first and add Genesis eNews Extended widget to your Primary widget area and fill in the details & save :

    Where to find your feedburner ID/address :

Please read the installation tutorial for each service at the official plugin website. click here.

If you have other preferred plugin to use, feel free to use that one but the form styling will be different than my demo.