How to Update your WordPress theme

I regularly update my theme, to know if your theme has the latest update, go to the theme product description on my Etsy Shop. and check the latest update. If you want to update the theme, feel free to request the file using my Etsy DM. If you make some changes in the theme code, your code will get replaced by this update. Make sure to back up everything before uploading the new theme files.

Updating the theme won’t delete your content or widgets position.

There are 2 ways to update the theme.

#1 – Update using FTP Manager or upload the files to your Files Directory Hosting

You can do this if you have a hosting account. You don’t have this option if you use business plan. Go to your hosting dashboard and go to your theme directory folder. The theme directory folder is located under wp-content/themes/ folder.

Extract the newest update theme .zip files. You will see the theme core codes and folders. Upload all the files to your theme folder. You get a notice that the files with the same name already exist. Overwrite the files so it can replace the old theme files.

NOTE : Do not just rename the old theme name and adding ABC_2 or ABC_old. There will be code conflict if you do this. You must not have the same theme names!

You can also do this with your FTP client.

#2 – Update from your theme dashboard

If you don’t have access to FTP Manager or your hosting directory, the other way is by switching to your basic theme first, delete the old theme, and upload the latest update .zip file (the same way you upload the theme for the first time). Check your widgets and theme settings. There’s a possibility that some widgets might be missing or need to be put back where they belong.

Contact me if you are unsure about updating the theme. my timezone is UTC + 7 / GMT + 7.