Navigation Menu (Mary Jane)

Before you add menu or navigation to your blog, make sure you have created the Pages you needed (click here if you need tutorial to create a page). If you want to have categories page in your menu, make sure you already created the categories too (click here for tutorial creating new category).  Go to Appearance – Menus to edit your menu.

Create Menu

  1. Create your menu, if you haven’t created one before.
  2. Give name for your menu (example : Main menu).
  3. This is your available pages, a place to add custom links (a link to your shop, to other website, etc), and you can also add categories link to your menu.
  4. The menu items you’ve added will appear here. To create a drop down menu, just drag the sub menus under the parent menu. See animation bellow :
  5. If this menu is your main menu, set the location to “Header Menu”.
  6. Save your menu

If you want to put a menu under the logo, create another menu and checked “secondary navigation”.