How to install a Shopify Theme

After you purchase you will receive a .zip file, UNZIP it first. After unzipping it, you will have these files inside the folder : the theme file you purchased and Canva template link.


Example of the unzipped folder

Files inside the .zip you download (Studio Petite is just an example, if you purchase a different theme, it will appear as that theme name)
If you want to “save” your current template before publishing the new theme, Duplicate it first. It can also be your backup template.

Where to find the file you should upload to Shopify

The .zip theme file you should upload is the one inside the “Theme file” folder.

  1. Login to you Shopify store > click Online Store > Themes
  2. Under the Theme library > click Add theme > Upload zip file.
  3. Upload the theme file > Click Upload file, wait until the theme is uploaded and you can start customizing it.
All the images you saw in the demo/my preview will not be transferred. You will have to replace the logo and images with your own images / photos.