Import Demo Content

Only import demo content if your blog is still brand new / still empty, no content yet. If you upload the demo content if your blog is already full with old content, importing demo content is not recommended!
Must activate all recommended plugins first before importing demo content!
  1. To add / import demo content, add and activate the plugin : One Click Demo Import (Plugins > Add New > search ‘one click demo import’ > Install > Activate).
  2. Get the demo content from the folder “demo theme” from the file you received. There will be 2 files with this extension :
    .wie file for Widget files
    .XML for posts, products, testimonials, content-related files.
  3. Go to Tools > Import > search “One Click Demo Import” > click run importer.
  4. Under “Manual demo files upload”, upload the XML and the .wie file separately. Run the import and wait until it finishes (it takes a while to finish!)
  5. Refresh your live blog and begin editing your navigation, logo, blog, and widgets with your own content.