Kadence – Custom Font

To use custom font on your theme, install and activate “Use Any Font” plugin. Download the plugin first from “Plugins > Add New Plugin > Search “Use Any Font” (Use Any Font | Custom Font Uploader) > Install > Activate.

You can only upload 1 font with this plugin.
  1. After activating the plugin, click “Use Any Font” menu from the left sidebar panel.
  2. Click “Generate Free Lite /Test API Key” to generate the FREE API, then click “Verify”.
  3. Click “Upload Font” tab, then click “Upload Fonts” button.
  4. Write the “Font name” (Just use a simple name for the font name so you can identify this custom font).
  5. Upload your .woff2 font and click upload button.
  6. Done. You can view this new font with your Kadence Block.

Example when the font is successfully added :