Mary jane – Recent post slider

The slider can be used to display latest posts or display selected posts.

  1. Install and Activate the plugin (Genesis Responsive Slider) as recommended after the theme is activated.
  2. You have to prepare the posts with an image (portrait position with large size recommended size : 1300px x 480px or larger than this number)
  3. Go to Genesis menu > Slider settings. See the setting bellow :Transition Settings
    Slider Effect: Fade

    Display Settings
    Maximum Slider Width (in pixels): 1300
    Maximum Slider Height (in pixels): 460
    x Display Next / Previous Arrows in Slider? (unchecked)
    ✓ Display Pagination in Slider?

    Content Settings
    x Do not link Slider image to Post/Page. (unchecked)
    ✓ Display Post/Page Title in Slider? (checked)
    ✓ Display Content in Slider? (checked)
    ✓ Hide Title & Content on Mobile Devices (checked)

    Select one of the following: Display Post Excerpt
    More Text (if applicable): Read the Post
    Limit content to : 10 characters
    Slider Excerpt Width (in percentage):  50
    Excerpt Location (vertical): Bottom
    Excerpt Location (horizontal): Right

    See in picture for detail :

  4. Save the setting, then go to Appearance >Customize or Appearance > Widgets.
  5. Find “Front page widget 1” and then drag and drop “Genesis – Responsive Slider” widget to that area.