Shopify – Page Templates

The theme comes with pre-made page templates : Homepage, About, Contact, FAQ, and custom collection template. You can customize the template and assign it to a page.

Page Templates

To modify a page template, click on the “Home page” dropdown and select the page to edit.

If you want to edit the Collection template, select the “Collections” from the menu and select “Valentine” (example template), you can duplicate this template for another collection.

How to edit the section

  1. Click the right panel and edit the content/setting on the left panel
  2. Second way to edit the content, start from the left panel :

Assign a page template to the page

After you customizing the page template design, you have to assign it to a page. Exit the “customize” page (save the progress first) and go back to the Admin page, Online Stores > Pages > select the existing page or create a new page.