Sora – Call to action boxes in front page

Before adding this widget, you Install and Activate Image Widget plugin (as recommended by my theme notice box).
  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets and find “Front page widget 2 – 3 Featured Images header” tab.
  2. Find “Image Widget” widget and drag or put it under “Front page widget 2 – 3 Featured Images header“, add only 3 widgets, so it will look like this image below :
  3. After you add the widget, click the widget (click the triangle), upload Image
    • Title = Title of your item/page you want to display
    • Link = Link to the page/post
    • Size = Choose calltoaction_img (recommended size : Landscape – 640px x 480px)
    • Align = NoneFill in the following input boxes :
    • Save.
  4. Repeat for the rest of other widgets.
These 3 images widget only appear on Front page and make sure to choose “Latest blog posts” as your Front page display setting (in Settings > Reading).