Sora : Front page Subscription Box

Requirements :

  1. Install Genesis eNews Extended plugin first. Genesis eNews widget works with Feedburner, MailChimp, Aweber, FeedBlitz and Constant Contact, but it should work with almost all services. For this example, I am using
  2. Open a new tab (don’t close your WordPress admin tab). Create your mailchimp account. Go to Audience. A new page will appear, select Manage audience > Sign up forms.
  3. On the Sign up forms page, select Signup forms.
  4. Choose “Embedded forms” and click select.
  5. Choose “Unstyled” option.
  6. Still on that page, scroll down a little bit and you will see a script box. Find your form action (see the yellow highlighted codes). Copy the form action URL, do not include the apostrophes. See image below :

Add the Widget to front page :

Go back to your blog admin tab to add the widget to your blog (Appearance > Widgets). Find “Front Page Widget 3” and put the Genesis eNews widget here.

On your Genesis eNews widget, look for “Form Action“. Paste the code you copied to form action input field.

In the email field, put “EMAIL” (all capitalized).

Save the form.

Please read the installation tutorial for each service on the official plugin website. click here.

Change background color

You can change the subscribtion box background bolor, go to Appearance > Customize > Front page setting. To change the button color, go to Apperance > customize > theme color.

Display the Widget on Sidebar or Footer widget area

You can display another subscription widget at another place. Repeat the same process, but add the widget to different area section.

To display it on the sidebar, put it under “Primary Sidebar” area.

To display it on Footer area, put it under “Footer 1 / 2 / 3”