Installing Kadence Child Theme

Important Notice

By installing my child theme design, you will receive the template design & also the demo content like in my demo preview. Your current content / current blog posts will not be removed. BUT! If you have installed a Kadence theme before, when the “import content” page appears (step 7 below), make sure to uncheck “Check this box to confirm you wish to remove your existing site’s content & images.” Otherwise it will remove your previous Kadence page and post from the previous theme. (Contact me if you’re unsure).

After the child theme is activated, my demo pages (the images and text used in the template pages) will appear, it’s your part to edit those pages and replace the all images and text with your own.

Read this page if you already have existing content already.

How to install my theme

  1. Install Kadence theme.
    Go to Appearance – Themes – Add New – search “Kadence” – click Install, do not activate yet.
  2. Install Kadence Starter Template plugin (AI Powered Starter Templates by Kadence WP).
    Go to Plugins – Add New – search “Kadence” again – choose “AI Powered Starter Templates by Kadence WP” – Install and activate.
  3. Now after those steps, it’s time to install the theme you purchased. Prepare the file you purchased from my shop.
  4. Go back to the themes page again = Appearance – Themes – find the “Add new” button – Select the child theme file (example: – click “Upload” – Activate the theme.
  5. After activating my theme, go to Kadence – Starter Templates (Sometimes it’s also located at : Appearance – Kadence – “Starter Templates”) from your left menu list.
  6. Select the “SkyandStars” icon to download page template + demo content :

    After that, select the design image preview :

  7. After you click the template preview image, click the button to finalize the import. It will take a while to import everything.
    Notes: By clicking import, all the template pages that I made will be transferred to your website. The template pages will show my demo content, you will need to replace the images and text with your own content. Read this page to understand how it works if you already have existing content.
  8. After it’s done, go to check the website front page and start editing the pages.